Friday, September 19, 2014

WISHlist 2014

I'm in holographic mood...
Patterned blouses are my thing,adore them <3 
Give me a leopard printed item and I'm yours :D
Leather backpack for school in mint shade- my dream...
Want white jumper for black&white outfit...


Thursday, September 18, 2014

My FALL looks


I wanted to show you some of my last year's looks. I also added a links,so you can check them out for more details and photos. Yes, some of them might be from Spring too,but I thought that they are propiate for Fall time too and I added them as well.
From the posts you can notice that now I  have better qualities photos and also that I lost some weight.


Friday, September 12, 2014

TBdress: Cheap suits!


I think I don't need to introduce you with online store called TBdress because I write posts about this company for a while now.  But still,if you don't know about this online store, you can click on Tbdress,to see their amazing offers and sales.


I know Summer is over but still in September\October are warm days. So TBdress offers Cheap Suits  which are perfect for warm Fall days. I picked up some of my favorite ones. I really like  1.,3.,4. Which ones are your favorite?

1st  I would wear when I go out or meet my boyfriend. Because it is very girly and fancy.
5th I would wear on casual days,for example, shopping day, lazy film days etc.

Check out them and add to your wardrobe! :)


Monday, September 8, 2014


 went for a walk
during the training
my ootd when the weather was very hot (oh,I miss Summertime ;\)

with my boyfriend ate "healthy lunch" :D
back in July in Palanga
after I run 8km
drew a poppy

lunch,this time- healthy :D
watched a football game
lovely rainbow at the background
won in competition earrings (thanks, Shape)

 breakfast with my fav magazine
rode a bike back in July
essentials for school (say hi to Fricis)
coloured mandalas
dessert and drawing
back in July met Elmira at party 

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